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For larger clients we offer this service in partnership with Paratus Telecom Botswana and call break out will be handled directly by the Mascom Mobile Core Network.

Botswana cellular call traffic from Head Office and the branches will be routed back to the IP-PABX at Head Office and handed over to the Mascom Core network via SIP trunks and on-premise gateway. The gateway will hand over call traffic to the BOFINET FIBER connection linking to the Paratus Telecom interconnect platform which has a direct link to the Mascom Mobile Network Core.

This solution creates less load on the cell phone network’s cellular towers and consequently, there is less congestion and dropped calls. Furthermore, our solution is robust and there are no multiple points of failure such as with the legacy LCR Routers. In addition call costs are substantially reduced.

For smaller clients we install cellular routers connected to the organization’s PABX. Each cell router will be operated by a simcard. Through programming on the PABX, the cellular traffic will be routed directly to the respective Mobile Network, bypassing the BTC platform and reducing costs.