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About Us

Our Team at i-Com consists of uniquely experienced individuals with a range of complementary skills and passion for the transformation of the telecommunications industry. We provide our customers with customised solutions including all communication services needed in a modern business set up.

We believe that the key to success lies in competitive pricing, robust marketing, customer care and efficient business processes. All delivered by competent and motivated staff in order to achieve growth for customers and their businesses.

Our Mission

Our mission is to earn the loyalty of our customers and to grow our market share through enhanced strategic partnerships with our stakeholders, supported by competent and well-motivated staff.

Our Vision

Our vision is to be the lead innovator and market leader of world-class telecommunication solutions.

i-Com Management Team

Bruce Blewett

Business Development

I am the Managing Director and Shareholder for i-COM and shareholder for Netway in Botswana, where I work with our clients to establish and maintain long term telecom solutions. My hands-on experience which I have developed over my career has enabled me to advance my knowledge and skills within the solutions-based telecommunication
industry. I am passionate, hardworking and customer centric professional offering +20 years of expertise in the areas of finance, business management, telecommunication, Information Technology and infrastructure.

I Left PwC in 1988 and started Inco, an industrial conglomerate which we listed on the Botswana Stock Exchange two years later. I was both the Financial Director of Inco and Managing Director of Tyre Services (a subsidiary of Inco) the largest tyre company in Botswana. After selling Tyre Services in 2001, I started I-Com. Utilizing my knowledge as former senior partner for a large auditing firm coupled with my experiences in owning and managing various commercial businesses, I believe I have first-rate insight into communication solutions which are both relevant and cost effective for businesses.

I am committed to servicing clients with focus on delivering relevant, cost effective solutions that are on time. An integral part of this commitment is developing well trained, dynamic teams that can perform their functions without close supervision while evolving growth.

My goal is to work with Corporates in achieving their Digital Transformation strategy, with a key focus on Call Centers, IoT, Business Intelligence and Customer Record Management.


Anastacia Mookodi

Business Strategy

I am the Deputy Managing Director for i-COM in Botswana, where I am responsible for managing and overseeing implementation of efficient telecommunications solutions for corporate customers. Furthermore, I liaise with the Telecommunications Service Providers and the Telecommunications Sector Regulator on new business development initiatives.

My practical and active experience in business information systems area extends past +30 years working within the Mining, Consulting, Utility, Insurance and Telecommunications sectors in Botswana. I have experience and knowledge in many spheres of business including programming, data analysis, user support, operations management, database integration, business intelligence and B2B electronic data processing. I believe I have sturdy negotiation skills, interest in value proposition processes, and that I have classic leadership, communications, and deep humility while always maintaining a rational approach.

I am dedicated to promoting the use of telecommunications and technology as the key enabler to Unified Communications and E-commerce services. I have immense interest in projects that promote Mobile Applications for Banking, Insurance, Mobile Payments (for both person to person, and business to business) and other automated commercial services.

I have special interest in keeping abreast with the latest technology in IoT, Data Analytics, Smart Cities and Critical Communications. I am a founding member of the ISOC Botswana Chapter.

Sonia Sidhu

Consultant Project Manager

I am a Consultant Project Manager for i-COM and Netway in Botswana, where I work with our clients to establish and maintain long term telecom solutions. My hands-on experience which I have developed over my career has enabled me to advance my knowledge and skills within the solutions-based telecommunications industry. I am a dedicated and innovated professional with education and experience in the areas of project management, business administration, accounting, telecommunications, Information Technology and networking.

In 2012, I completed my Bachelor of Engineering in Electrical and Electronics at the University of Botswana. I have completed several courses and certificates from different accredited institutions in Botswana within the telecommunications and project management arenas.

My experience in Project Management allows me to deliver projects efficiently and on time and have proven success in:-

  • Diagnosing and resolving software issues;
  • Upgrading office applications to maximize productivity;
  • Track record of matching business objectives to current and emerging technologies;
  • Planning, installing, and configuring shared sites and workflows;
  • Knowledge of resource management and network development;
  • Understanding of firewalls, routers, switches, and hubs.

I am an articulate communicator who is committed to building and strengthening relationships across functions to drive cohesive and strategic operations.

My key strengths lie in interfacing with customers, engineers, and management. Able to convey complex technologies to a variety of skill levels. Talent for quickly learning new information, procedures, and technologies. Exceptionally organized and able to multitask.

Mpuisang Manji

Technical Manager

I am the Technical Manager for i-COM in Botswana, where I work with our team of Technicians to ensure our clients have the Technical support, they need. My goal has always been to work in an environment that provides learning and application of new technologies to offer superior  communications, Networking and ICT services. My Knowledge lies in the principles and methods of Technical planning, designing, installation, implementation and support of Unified Communication and Collaboration Solutions.

My Experience includes Installation of VoIP Systems, Network Switches and other routing equipment, Cisco Hardware and various internet access technologies.

I am committed to ongoing engagement of our customers in order to deliver relevant, impactful and dependable solutions.

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